Our mentor's message:

Our comprehensive school health program which has been titled as Prime Aarogya Yuva Program is designed especially for Schools students and teachers. School is the place where a child spends most of her time therefore it has been chosen as the starting point. And it believes that it is within the power of every individual to build healthy habits in our kids, make their present healthy and ensure that their future continues to be healthy.

It pays rich dividends when school students are made aware of the issues of good health. It is in this impressive age that things are absorbed with ease and have a lasting impression on them. Since they are exposed to the rigors of peer pressure, the race of getting high marks and the modern day family discords, it is mandatory that timely identification and help is extended to them.

Prime India is combining today’s technology and social media to spread the word and see the program flower. When school kids are taken into the fold it spreads like wild fire in their families and thus the entire community benefits from them. Seeds are sown in the school which grows into strong trees spreading its roots in the community. Teachers who are the role models of the children have to lead the way by getting initiated into the health and fitness programs and this would send an effective message to the children and their families regarding the wholesomeness of the Arogya Program.

Through this unique effort of Prime India connects with India’s future, thus leading to an extraordinary and positive change in its future and making a lasting impression in the lives of millions of children.

Help your child to live healthy!

V. Vinod Sharma