Electronic Health card and digitization of health records :

All the schools which are covered under the Arogya yuva Program would be issued an electronic card to upload all the medical details of their health. Our trained officials would digitize all medical information necessary for each registered individual under this Program. These data would be managed by the team and would be shared in case, need arises. This data can also be stored in the web portal of Prime Arogya yuva for security purpose and could be accessed, if need be. When the health records of the students and the teachers are digitized, the doctors would find it easier to provide periodical health status of the students to the parents or any authorized source on a regular basis.

Because of their young age they are more prone to fall sick or catch any disease due to their under developed immunity. Regular monitoring the children regarding their health, helps early detection and early cures which is easier on the students and the parents. It is a win-win situation for both. This would not only reduce anxiety of the parents but the children would recover faster therefore less absenteeism from school and finally better results.