Prime Aarogya Yuva:

There is nothing more important to the parents than their child’s health and nothing more priceless for the nation than the health of its future generation. Our children’s health is an overall picture of their physical, mental and social well being. Parents are well aware of keeping their children healthy by providing them with healthy food, see that they get ample sleep and exercise and make best arrangements to ensure their safety. What is equally important is that they get regular check-ups under professional supervision which also serve as a regulator of their development process. It is during such visits that health issues are identified and preventive steps can be taken.

The perils of development are that the younger generations are being exposed to technology, not having any physical exercise and their addiction to unhealthy food. As an aftermath there has been a spurt in hyper-tension, diabetes, cancer and obesity which have to be necessarily controlled before it becomes insurmountable. Besides, we are constantly been ravaged by epidemics like malaria, dengue and various viral infections. It’s time we pull up our socks and take preventive measures and aim for complete eradication of these Third World Afflictions.